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Paper tray, environmentally friendly and affordable!

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Eco-friendly paper tray

Do you know what to choose for liner packaging? EPS products? Foam materials? Recommended by the staff of the paper tray factory, of course, choose paper trays for lining packaging, which is environmentally friendly and affordable!

1. The raw material of the paper tray is waste paper, which is easy to recycle and will not cause pollution to the environment. It will be beneficial to the export of the manufacturer's products; the raw material of EPS is a petroleum by-product, which is difficult to degrade and has a low recycling value, which causes serious damage to the environment. "White pollution".

2. Paper trays have a wide range of applications. With the advancement of paper mold technology, medium and small industrial products that use foam as lining packaging can basically be replaced by paper trays.

3. Eco-friendly paper trays can be stacked and stored, which reduces the storage space occupied by EPS products by 1/2~2/5, which can greatly reduce transportation and storage costs.

4. Anti-static: EPS friction is prone to generate static electricity, while the environmental protection paper tray is not easy to generate static electricity, which plays a better role in protecting electronic products and home appliances, especially electronic components.

5. Anti-corrosion performance: Food (such as fruits, etc.) will release water when stored. It is packaged with plastic products, and its water cannot be volatilized, which can easily make food moldy and rot. Paper products have good air permeability and water can be volatilized. Out, so as to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.

6. Shockproof performance: The shockproof and shockproof performance of the environmental protection paper tray is the same as that of EPS products.

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Address: Pinghan Village Committee Industrial Development 

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Phone:0750- 8307312

Mobile:18138060289(Mr. Li)    13266450566(Mr. Lin)

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