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What should be paid attention to in the production of paper trays

2019-05-22 11:40:18

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We have strict requirements for environmentally friendly paper trays, paper tray tableware and medical paper trays. In particular, molded paper tray tableware and medical products are directly related to people's health. The following points must be paid attention to.

1. The quality of production water must meet the relevant sanitary standards for drinking water.

2. Raw materials and additives must be used that have been certified by a sanitation and epidemic prevention station at or above the provincial or municipal level to be harmless and meet the national sanitation requirements for food containers.

3. The production of paper trays must not use additives that have deteriorated, become invalid, moldy, or have been contaminated.

4. The process piping material on the paper tray equipment must be stainless steel or plastic.

5. When the machine is shut down, the equipment and pipelines must be cleaned immediately, and the presence of oars should be checked to avoid mildew of the oars.

6. The environmental hygiene of the workshop and the personal hygiene of the operators must meet the hygiene standards.

7. Before starting work, you must wash your hands thoroughly, and wear work clothes and shoes.

8. Establish a complete quality management system to ensure the quality of raw materials, layer by layer control, each check, to prevent unqualified paper tray products from leaving the factory.

The above are the matters needing attention in the production process of environmentally friendly paper trays. More environmentally friendly paper trays are available for purchase. Customers are welcome to come to consult.

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Address: Pinghan Village Committee Industrial Development 

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Phone:0750- 8307312

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