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What materials are used for egg paper trays

2020-07-25 09:03:22

 egg tray

When buying eggs in the market, we often have paper trays under the eggs. So, what materials are used for egg paper trays? The material used for egg paper trays is waste paper produced in daily life, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Next, let's take a look at the production process of egg paper trays.

The production process of egg paper tray is:

First of all, waste paper, the main raw material used to make pulp molded egg trays (boxes), is put into the hydraulic pulper, and is decomposed into pulp fibers under the action of the shear and friction of the water flow; the pulp fibers enter the storage Slurry pool. To make the appearance of the product more beautiful and clean, it is necessary to screen the slurry in the storage tank, that is, to remove the impurities (film sheets, hemp rope, coarse slag, etc.) in the fiber slurry.

At the same time, the slurry must be further ground. To make the egg tray (box) waterproof and other properties, it is also necessary to add waterproof and other additives in the grinding process.

After that, the slurry is diluted to a certain concentration and finally pumped into the headbox of the forming machine. When the molding die above the headbox sinks and is completely immersed in the slurry, the slurry is absorbed by the vacuum on the back of the molding die and gathers on the surface of the die; because of the unique surface drainage and hollow structure of the molding die, it gathers The pulp fiber in the slurry adheres to the surface of the mold, and the water is pumped away. The thickness of the fiber layer attached to the surface of the mold is about 2.5mm, which is the wet blank of the egg tray (box) product. It contains about 75% of water and needs to be sent to the drying line (temperature 80~120℃) to dewater and dry.

The finished egg trays (boxes) after drying are only awaiting (plastic) packing and storage.

The above is the production process of egg paper trays. For more egg paper trays to buy, please contact Baihua paper products manufacturer.

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