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The structure of the paper tray affects the realization of the product packaging function

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Paper trays

Paper trays and environmentally-friendly paper tray products include egg trays, fruit trays, mobile phone paper trays, toy paper trays, disposable bedpans, etc. It uses waste paper as raw material, adds some moisture-proofing agent (aluminum sulfate) or waterproofing agent, and then makes various shapes of model products according to different uses, and has good cushioning and protection performance.

The function of the paper support product is to contain and protect the packaged product, which is convenient and practical.

To contain and protect packaging products is the primary function of paper tray products. The paper support product should be able to reliably contain the packaged product specified by the package, so that the packaged product is not damaged during transportation, loading, unloading, and use, and meets the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability. The materials used in the paper support products are also safe for the packaged products, and there is no interaction between the two.

In addition, the paper support product uses its special structure to deform when loaded to prolong the corresponding time and absorb external energy, thereby reducing the impact and vibration of the packaged object. It is different from the cushioning mechanism of foam plastic packaging products, because foam products have a good cushioning performance because of the large number of compressible cells distributed inside the material, regardless of the shape of the product. If the pulp plastic film material and foam plastic are used to make a large plane respectively, it is obvious that the former can be cushioned, while the latter cannot be cushioned.

Therefore, for paper support products, good structural design is the basic guarantee for protecting the contents and improving the shock absorption capacity during transportation and handling. The designed structural performance will directly affect the strength, rigidity, stability and practicability of the package, that is, the structure of the paper support product directly affects the realization of its packaging function.


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