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Comparison of paper tray with pearl cotton and EPS foam

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Paper tray packaging

At present, the lining packaging commonly used in our common products are mainly EPE, EPS foam and paper tray. The latter has become the current product packaging choice due to its superior environmental protection. The advantages and disadvantages of the paper tray and EPE and EPS foam What is the contrast?

EPS foam: It is mainly made of foamed polystyrene particles, which cannot be decomposed or degraded, and it will produce toxic gas when burned, which has great damage to the environment. It is even forbidden to use in some developed countries. In terms of practicality, it has good cushioning properties, but it is airtight and not hygroscopic. The space is generally large. It is suitable for large-scale products or fruit products to be stacked and stored, and the price is very low!

EPE: EPE is a high-foam polyethylene product extruded from low-density polyethylene. It also cannot be decomposed and degraded. It will pollute the environment. In the future, it will gradually be replaced and banned. In terms of practicability, it has good cushioning and shockproof performance, non-waterproof, non-hygroscopic, and small volume space has good protection performance for the product, and the price and cost are relatively high!

Paper tray: Most of the raw materials used in paper tray packaging are carton leftovers, waste paper, sugarcane pulp, puree and other environmentally friendly materials. After use, they are completely recyclable. The production, use, and recycling processes do not pollute the environment. The respected green packaging. In terms of practicability, it has good cushioning, shock-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static properties, and can customize suitable packaging for the product on demand through mold opening, and there are two types of dry press paper trays and wet press paper trays with different costs. Available!

Based on the above comparison, whether it is environmental protection or practical performance, paper tray packaging has considerable advantages, which can increase the added value of the product.

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