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Why is paper tray packaging widely used?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

At present, many traditional packaging materials in the market are gradually being replaced by paper tray packaging. Paper tray applications can be seen in all walks of life. What advantages does paper tray packaging have and are widely used?

1. Extensive sources of raw materials: There are a wide range of sources for the production of paper trays, such as pulp, wood pulp, and sugarcane pulp, as well as carton leftovers and waste paper materials that can be used as raw materials for the production of paper trays, and the cost is relatively low!

2. The process technology is simple and pollution-free: the production process of the paper tray is not complicated, the process technology is relatively simple, and can be mastered after short-term training. A large number of automation equipment can improve efficiency and realize mass production. Both the production process and the recycling process meet the requirements of cleaner production and can be completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free. This is an incomparable advantage compared to other packaging!

3. Good practicability and low cost: Compared with other packaging, the practicability of the paper tray will be better. The paper tray packaging has good shock resistance and cushioning properties. After treatment, it can also have moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-static functions. It protects the product very well. Moreover, the paper trays are relatively small in size and can be stacked for storage, saving stacking space and transportation costs!

4. Can be customized on demand: The paper tray packaging has strong plasticity and can be designed and opened according to user needs. The surface quality, color, shape and other appearance elements of the product can be customized, which can meet different types of products, and With extremely high accuracy, the packaging paper tray can perfectly fit the product!

In addition to the above-mentioned main advantages, paper trays have many advantages, which is why they are widely favored by the market. If you currently have a lot of paper support needs.

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