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What are the benefits of using paper trays?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, coupled with the continuous advancement of paper film technology, medium and small products that used plastic foam as lining packaging have basically been replaced by paper trays. The main reason is that paper tray packaging is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the application range of paper trays can be said to be more and more extensive. So do you know the benefits of using paper trays? Let’s take a look at Baihua Paper Support Factory.

1. Flame-retardant: Green and environmentally-friendly flame-retardant layout and high-quality flame-retardant paper are used as the decorative surface, and the cigarette butt is placed on the panel until no ignition point is seen when it is extinguished.

2. Waterproof: Green environmental protection waterproof paint is used, and the exquisite products use sealing primer, which can form a dense paint film, which prevents water molecules from penetrating into it.

3. Strong force: All products adopt structural design and design structures that meet functional requirements, that is, compare the effect of external forces on the structure with the resistance of the structure itself, so as to achieve the purpose of structural design that is safe and economical.

Baihua paper products manufacturers produce pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is an ideal substitute for white foam EPS. Compared with PLA products, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance. And it occupies an advantage in indicators and functions such as shockproof function, environmental protection, price and anti-static. It is widely used in lining packaging of egg trays, cup trays, electronic products and other industries.

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