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The development trend of the paper tray packaging industry

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Analysis of the development trend of the paper tray packaging industry:  

At present, the development of environmentally friendly paper tray packaging presents the following new characteristics: single-layer materials are developing in the direction of multi-layer materials; multiple printing methods such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, and screen printing coexist and flexographic printing will grow rapidly; Paper is developing towards web and single-machine to on-line production; the comprehensive application of various related new technologies (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology, new materials, etc.) continuously optimizes the entire production system.

The development trend of paper packaging containers is:

The one-time molded paper container will gradually replace the current die-cut combined paper container; the deep-layer plastic coating technology will gradually replace the past wax coating; the composite technology has become an important technique for the development of paper containers; CAD and CAM systems will enable the design of paper packaging containers And the manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened. In addition, paper product packaging focuses on the development of low-weight, high-strength, and lightweight high-end paper packaging to achieve the goal of standardization, serialization, multiple varieties, multiple substrates, and multiple uses.

In recent years, the packaging industry has developed rapidly, and as an indispensable packaging material, it has also ushered in a broad market. At the same time, people’s needs continue to diversify, and higher demands are placed on the packaging market. For this reason, the composition of raw materials must be very stable, and the thermal parameters of the melting quality of the furnace must use a digital control system to achieve optimal control of the entire process. , Improve production concentration.

It is expected that in the future green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed, and the basic packaging industry will also accelerate development. Environmentally friendly paper trays will bring a wider range of applications to enterprises. At present, various product packaging paper trays can be customized for various industries!

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