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Similarities and differences between papermaking and paper tray production

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Pulp molding production

Many consumers think that the work of paper making and paper tray production is the same, but in fact, paper making and paper tray production are very different in the degree of production. The following are the similarities between paper tray paper making and paper tray production:

(1) The production materials are basically the same. Both pulp molding production and paper and paperboard production can use basic papermaking raw materials, such as reed, bagasse, wheat straw and other herbaceous plant fiber pulp or waste paper recycling pulp. The chemical additives used in the production process are also basically the same, such as retention aids, filter aids, wet strength agents, dry strength agents, water repellents, oil repellents, dyes, brighteners, etc. In addition, there are environmentally friendly materials to make Made of environmentally friendly paper trays.

(2) The raw material processing technology and equipment are basically the same. If using waste paper raw materials to produce cardboard, it must go through waste paper sorting, hydraulic pulper crushing, beating machine or refiner pulping, and pulp sizing. The pulping and other processes are then pumped to the paper machine for sheet forming, squeezing and dewatering, and drying cylinder drying driving processes to become paper finished products. Pulp molding production uses wheat straw pulp or waste paper as raw materials, which must be broken down by a hydraulic pulper, pulper or refiner, pulp sizing, pulping and other processes, and then transported to the paper plastic molding machine for molding, Extrusion, dehydration, drying and shaping, etc., become qualified pulp molded products. The raw material processing equipment in the two production processes can even be used in common, but they are different in terms of forming and drying equipment.

(3) The forming principle is similar, but the form of the finished product is different. Pulp molding production and paper and paperboard production are both formed by wet forming methods, and then dehydrated and dried into finished products. The difference between the pulp molding production process and the traditional papermaking production process is that the paper or cardboard is "sprayed" or "fished" onto the forming net (metal net or plastic net) in the wet part of the paper making machine for dehydration and forming. , The wet paper sheet and the dried finished product are all continuous flat strips, and rolled into a roll-like form.

The difference between paper making and paper tray production: the forming and drying equipment is different. Paper making machines for paper or cardboard are generally large-scale equipment that integrates forming and drying.

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