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What are the other names for egg trays

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Egg tray

Egg tray: also known as egg packaging box, pulp egg carton, egg tray, egg carton, etc. It is used for egg packaging to protect the eggs from shock, collision and damage during transportation and transportation, and to facilitate handling, transportation, and carrying. . Egg paper trays are very common in supermarkets and shopping malls, and there are many specifications.

From the raw materials: paper pulp egg tray, plastic egg box.

Pulp egg trays are transit packaging. They are made of recycled pulp and pressed. The recycled paper used for eggs is cheap and not resistant to moisture. There is only a pallet, no lid, and it cannot be used as a terminal sales package.

What are the characteristics of using pulp egg trays?

1. Paper pulp egg tray, using recycled paper pulp, manufacturing process and molding, machine to suppress the appearance of the pulp color, functional egg protection, belonging to transportation packaging.

2. At present, most of the egg packaging in the domestic market is free-range, and there are also large boxes. The egg packaging in advanced foreign countries adopts small packaging, a box of 6, 10, 12, no more than 30, and there are very few 30-packs. The advantages of small packaging are that the damage rate during handling and stacking is low, only about 1/10 in bulk.

3. The small package has another advantage: less fishy smell, peculiar smell, virus and bacteria collusion, fast volatilization, especially the paper pulp egg carton has good air permeability and adsorption, easy to exchange with the fresh air outside the box, and has a long shelf life. Eggs use paper pulp egg carton small packaging instead of large packaging, the egg breakage rate is low, freshness, and less odor.



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