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Answers to frequently asked questions about the craftsmanship and material of paper trays (3)

2019-05-22 11:40:18

10. Why is this model not as hard as that?

Answer: The basic shockproof and buffering principle of the paper tray is realized by using the loop structure and the rib position. Therefore, different design structures of the same slurry will have different shockproof strengths, and the texture will be different when touched. The same model molds are used differently. Pulp, due to the difference in the length of the pulp fiber and the shrinkage characteristics will also be reflected in the different texture of the hand touch. Therefore, before selecting materials and design schemes, we must let engineers know the seismic standards that need to be met, so that we can design different loop structures and stiffener positions in accordance with seismic requirements during design.

11. Why can't this mold be modified anymore?

Answer: For paper tray products, we need customers to provide accurate packaging requirements and accurate dimensions of each packaged item before opening the mold, and the preliminary design work is sufficient. After the mold is completed, the molding mold cavity is hollow, and the standard thickness is 10mm, so the modified size should be less than 10mm. If the size of the original cavity is too large, the size of the plastic mold cannot be modified because the upper mold or the lower mold lacks material due to the excessive change.

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12. Why is the abbreviation for paper tray "MPP"? And what is the customs number?

Answer: Pulp molding, English name: Molded Pulp Packaging, abbreviated as MPP, commonly known as paper tray. Customs code: 48239090

13. Why is this mold not as smooth as the original product after modification?

Answer: After the 2008 financial turmoil, the mold cavities processed by the general paper tray factory are basically CNC processing. The cavity is completed in one piece. The modified position is manually modified. The accuracy of the modified position is less than the accuracy of CNC processing, so after the modification The position will not be smooth before modification.

14. Why does the delivery length (width) become larger?

Answer: Paper tray products, during production and packaging, the product will be stacked and packaged using the advantage of the paper tray's slope. After being placed, part of the transported products will expand due to the stacking, and the length and width will become larger, but another deformation of the paper tray will return The advantage of elasticity makes the products of larger size not affected in actual use, only need to pull back slightly by hand during assembly to restore the original design size.

15. Why is the paper tray mold so expensive? It turns out that it's only a few hundred quick to open a plastic mold?

Answer: The blister mold is generally shaped with industrial gypsum first and then sucked out the qualified products. The qualified products can be used to electroplate the copper layer, and the cost is very low. Aluminium for paper tray and pulp moulding mould is 150~200kg (23~25 yuan/kg) per set, CNC processing general mold cavity ≥180 hours, special epoxy resin 500 yuan/set, special molding stainless steel mesh 1.5 square meters (Nissan) : 600 yuan/square), and 3 technicians 3 to 4 days for drilling, netting, special matching and other processes, so the blister mold and the paper tray are not comparable.

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