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Several major factors that paper tray packaging gradually replaces traditional foam packaging

2020-07-25 09:04:19

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Paper tray packaging (pulp molding) is currently favored by many companies from all over the world. With its excellent characteristics and environmental protection characteristics, it has gradually replaced many traditional packaging applications, and may replace the natural environment in the future. Contaminated foam packaging, the staff of the paper tray factory below will give you an analysis of several elements that paper tray packaging will replace traditional foam packaging!

(1) The production process of the paper tray is simple and easy to use, with zero pollution during the production process, which conforms to the regulations of green manufacturing. Coupled with the high level of domestic production and manufacturing of its machinery and equipment, it is very conducive to the popularization of the marketing and promotion of this project. At this stage, many paper tray manufacturers in China can quickly mass produce paper tray packaging!

(2) The raw materials come from a wide range of sources and the cost is cheap. It is mainly made of waste paper or annual woody plant chemical fiber pulp. The raw materials can be adapted to the time and local conditions, inexhaustible and inexhaustible!

(3) The quality is light, the acquisition cost is low, and it can be used continuously. It has excellent durability and buffering performance, and the suspension training method is used to create an excellent adsorption force, which can maintain the goods reasonably and avoid damage during transportation!

(4) From the production and application of dry pressed paper trays to the solution of waste materials, it has zero pollution to the natural environment. The raw water consumption in the production process is small, no sewage is discharged, and air pollution is reduced!

(5) Pulp molded products have excellent water absorption, hydrophobicity and fire resistance, and excellent air permeability has unique benefits for the packaging of fresh food commodities. The volume is small and can be stacked and stored, saving indoor space and transportation costs!

(6) According to the different regulations of customers, paper tray manufacturers can carry out post-production and processing solutions to the process performance, color, text and other appearance elements of the product to meet the requirements of product display. For example, egg trays, cup trays, etc. When making paper, various modifiers can be added according to customer requirements, and different types of paper tray packaging can be customized!

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