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Structural elements of paper tray packaging products

2021-06-15 14:58:30

The performance of the basic structural elements is mainly reflected by the carrying capacity, impact energy absorption and resilience:

1. Carrying capacity.

With different paper tray packaging buffer structures, the static load and deformation conditions are different. Ideal to cushion the static test load-deformation of packaging structural elements. The force on the contents of the package is not increasing, and the capacity is absorbed by the paper tray. Another important factor that affects the load-bearing capacity is the slope. From the perspective of a single load-bearing capacity, the smaller the slope of the side wall of the buffer structure, the higher its load-bearing capacity. However, considering the paper tray forming process, the slope is too small. Will affect the release of the paper tray.

2. Absorption of energy.

The paper tray can absorb external energy during the product circulation process to protect the product. The greater the absorbed energy, the better the buffering capacity. In addition, the degree of energy absorption is also related to the physical state of the paper tray, such as density, quality, and deformation laws.

Paper tray packaging

3. Resilience.

The paper tray package is restored to its original size after loading, which is very important for the structure of the paper tray package. For a paper tray designed with a good structure, it has great advantages in resilience. The protection of the product will be better. Therefore, in the initial stage of the product, we must ask the designer to consider the structure and craftsmanship in the design process.

Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is made of white foam plastic EPS. An ideal substitute, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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