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Some requirements for environmental protection paper trays

2021-07-09 15:51:55

Environmentally friendly paper trays can also be referred to as pollution-free packaging and Environmental Friendly Package, which refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and is in line with sustainable development. Its philosophy has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, and the other is to save resources. The two are complementary and inseparable.

Environmental protection is the core, and resource conservation is closely related to environmental protection, because resource conservation can reduce waste, which means protecting the environment from the source.

Environmentally friendly paper trays can be defined as: environmentally friendly paper trays are suitable packaging that can be recycled, reused, or degraded, and do not cause pollution to the human body and the environment during the entire life cycle of the product.

Environmental protection paper tray

From a technical point of view, the environmentally friendly paper tray refers to a kind of environmentally friendly packaging that is developed with natural plants and related minerals as raw materials that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, is conducive to recycling, is easy to degrade, and is sustainable. Said that the entire life cycle of its packaging products, from raw material selection, product manufacturing to use and disposal, should meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection. Green packaging should be realized from three aspects: green packaging materials, packaging design and vigorously developing the green packaging industry.

Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is made of white foam plastic EPS. An ideal substitute, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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