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What are the commonly used structures of eco-friendly paper trays?

2021-07-19 15:09:42

As a new type of packaging that is widely used, environmentally friendly paper trays are available in many different types in terms of craftsmanship, color and structure, which can meet the application needs of different enterprises. What are the commonly used structures of environmentally friendly paper trays? Through the article we understand in detail.

1. Small-edge paper mold structure: In the small-edge paper mold structure, the edge size is usually 8-15mm. The force and cushioning effect of the small edge structure in the edge direction is related to the edge length and the deformable space. It is mostly used for fixing and cushioning in the bearing mode, and is suitable for the application conditions of light weight of the package!

2. Flange structure paper mold: In the paper mold form of the flange structure, the edge structure extends to the outside and forms a skirt outward, so that the environmental protection paper support structure forms a relatively complete outer side wall in appearance. Usually, in order to make the packaged product contact with the mesh side of the paper mold to ensure the accuracy of packaging and fixing dimensions, and at the same time to make the smoother mesh side appear on the outer surface, it is ideal to use the flipping structure!

3. Borderless structure paper mold: The edge refers to the structural component between the outer edge of the structure and the side wall surface of the structure on the surface parallel to the working surface of the paper mold model structure and the forming template. The edge size refers to the width value of the structural component. In the non-edge paper mold structure, the actual edge size is less than 2mm. The side buffering effect of no edge is mainly used for selection and processing from the whole. The lateral wall surface of the surrounding structure can be inclined or perpendicular to the load direction, and this angle can be adjusted to obtain the required cushioning effect!

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4. Cavity structure and combined structure paper mold: The cavity structure paper mold is produced and processed by a combined mold. The paper mold is a certain form of closed cavity or formed into a small opening container in structure. The paper mold of the cavity structure needs to use special molding equipment and technology to complete its production and processing. This kind of paper mold is mostly used as a container or decoration!

5. Heavy load structure paper mold: The paper mold of heavy load structure is mainly used for bearing load. The paper mold structure of this structure can obtain the load-bearing capacity of the structure and the required overall rigidity by increasing the thickness of the mold body, or by increasing the density of the side edges of the mold body. There are more heavy-duty structural paper molds than heavy-duty product packaging and collective packaging in transportation packaging!

Paper mold products of different structures have their own characteristics and application advantages. Companies can make targeted selections according to their own product conditions and needs, so that environmentally friendly paper tray packaging can play a better role. For the knowledge of paper trays, you can continue to pay attention to Bai Learn more on the official website of Hua Paper Products. Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging, which are environmentally friendly and cheap , It is an ideal substitute for white foam EPS, and has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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