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Why is paper tray so popular now?

2021-09-23 15:14:00

In the market, we often see many products that are packaged in paper trays, so why paper trays are so popular nowadays? This is because of its use. Now many factories and enterprises like this paper tray products very much.

Electronic products: Many electronic products are very sensitive to environmental impacts, such as fear of collision, fear of static electricity, fear of moisture, and fear of corrosion. Therefore, the choice of packaging is very cautious. Packaged products are not affected during transportation and storage, so they have buffers, Paper tray packaging with moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-static properties is a good choice, and special additives can be added to expand its performance during the production process!

Electrical gaskets: Many products in the home appliance industry use foamed plastics as linings. However, due to the environmental pollution of foamed plastics, many European developed countries have rejected such packaging, which affects the export sales of enterprises. The paper tray packaging, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free from raw materials, production to recycling, has gradually become a better choice, and the paper tray has the advantages of good plasticity and strong cushioning power, which can fully meet the inner packaging requirements of electrical products!

Fragile product septa: For fragile products such as glass, ceramics and poultry eggs, the packaging used in the past is difficult to achieve satisfactory shock absorption effect, but paper tray packaging has a good cushioning and shock absorption ability, especially for dry products. The pressure paper support does not require high raw material technology, the cost is relatively low, and it can be used in mass production!

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Food (medicine) packaging: At present, paper tray packaging can be customized in many different types, so it is gradually applied to food. In addition to fast food utensils, many medicines, edible semi-finished products, cooked foods and convenience foods can use paper molds. The packaging is not only clean and hygienic but also easy to use, and it can be recycled and reused!

The paper tray is made of pulp molding technology, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It has good anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-static and anti-corrosion effects. It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, computers, mechanical parts, industrial instruments, handicraft glass, ceramics, The packaging of toys, medicine and other industries has the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection and low carbon: Pulp molding uses natural fibers or regenerated fibers as raw materials, with rich and diverse sources, recyclable and reusable, and easy to degrade;

2. Diverse functions: good cushioning and shockproof performance, easy forming, pressure resistance, shockproof, anti-static and other advantages;

3. Strong plasticity: through plastic technology and dyeing technology, the process can be adjusted according to demand to produce precision packaging products with compact structure, accurate size, smooth surface and beautiful appearance;

4. Wide range of applications: used for inner packaging or overall packaging of industrial products, food, medicine and other commodities.

Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is made of white foam plastic EPS. An ideal substitute, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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