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What are the characteristics of dry press tray and wet press tray?

2021-10-15 14:37:57

Paper trays are actually the packaging linings of various products that can be seen everywhere in life. According to the process, they can be divided into dry press trays and wet press trays. Dry pressed paper tray is scientifically called pulp molding. It is produced by using pulp as raw material and using a stainless steel filter mold to dehydrate the pulp and form fibers under pressure (negative pressure or positive pressure) and other conditions. The packaging is lined. Paper tray production mainly includes pulp preparation, forming, hot pressing, molds and other processes. So what are the characteristics of dry pressed paper trays and wet pressed paper trays? Below, Baihua Paper products will introduce to you.

Dry press paper support:

1. Environmental protection, raw material waste paper, recyclable, no chemicals, no pollution;

2. Protection, the built-in fiber forms good shock resistance, and the three-dimensional strength structure has good protection for the product;

3. Warehousing, which can be stacked and stored, reducing storage space by 1/2;

4. The cost, the unit price is lower than that of styrofoam; the outer packaging volume of the product is slightly smaller, and more containers are used to reduce the cost;

5. Moisture-proof, the excess water can be absorbed during transportation after packaging to enhance the moisture-proof effect of the product;

6. Image. The use of environmentally friendly packaging can enhance the image of the company's products and avoid obstacles to international trade.

wet press tray

Wet paper support:

1. Raw materials: raw wood (paper) pulp, sugarcane pulp, newsprint, black cardboard, etc. are used as raw materials for production. There are pure white, milky white, gray, black and other colors for you to choose, all of which are environmentally friendly materials, and the hygienic index reaches food-grade , 

2. Quality: The surface of the product is bright and exquisite, set off the brand product grade, and enhance the added value of the product;

3. Technology: Adopting hot-pressing one-time forming technology, high production efficiency, ensuring timely delivery;

4. Environment: Designed as a fully enclosed air-conditioning production workshop according to food-grade standards, clean and tidy;

5. Product appearance: high smoothness, the paper support is molded by the upper and lower molds, and the inside and outside can reach the same smoothness, not rough, and lint-free;

6. Not easy to deform: Through the equipment's mold drying process, the paper tray produced by the paper tray factory contains only 1% of water, so it will not be deformed due to moisture weathering when stored in nature.

Paper tray products mainly use recycled waste paper, reed pulp, sugarcane pulp, plant orange stems, fruit shells, etc. as raw materials. The product price is low. Various additives can be added according to customer requirements during pulping. Toxicity, shock-proof buffer, moisture-proof, anti-static, green environmental protection and other functions, and the volume is small, can overlap storage, reduce warehousing, convenient storage and transportation, reduce packaging costs, according to the different requirements of users, the surface quality, color, Appearance elements such as graphics and text are post-processed to meet the needs of merchandise display.

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