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What are the main advantages of shockproof paper tray packaging?

2021-10-27 15:12:05

Compared with previous packaging forms, shock-proof paper tray packaging has four main advantages:

1. Wide range of applications: it can be used in the electronics field, food industry, medical protection and instrumentation industry, etc. For electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, paper tray packaging must strive to be stable and minimize vibration, which requires that the paper tray packaging must have good impact resistance; for food, medical protection, instrumentation industries, etc., ensure long-distance transportation There was no damage in the process.

2. Shockproof paper tray packaging has good elasticity, restorability, stable temperature and humidity, low moisture absorption, and a wide range of applications.

3. Shockproof paper tray packaging also has good economic and social benefits. Shockproof paper tray packaging can be widely used in military, electronics, precision instrumentation and fragile products packaging, avoiding product damage during storage and transportation, and saving economic losses. Shockproof paper tray packaging, with cheap materials and simple processing equipment, reduces packaging costs, increases product profits, and brings economic benefits. Good environmental benefits.

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Traditional product packaging considers anti-vibration. Foam plastic is often used, and its environmental protection performance is very worrying. Due to its large volume, poor compression performance, and disposable packaging, it becomes waste after use and is not easy to recycle. . The material used in shock-proof paper tray packaging is less than that of foam plastic, and it can be designed and used according to the requirements of different products. The gas can be exhausted before and after use, effectively reducing the volume, and the transportation and use are very good. Convenient, it can be recycled, repeated, used multiple times, and can be recycled and reused, meeting environmental protection requirements. Shock-proof paper tray packaging has its good quality. From food packaging worth a few cents to packaging for valuable instruments with a price of hundreds of thousands, it has improved the grade of packaging products.

 4. Shockproof paper tray packaging can meet various requirements such as functionality, reliability, adaptability, economy, and timeliness.

The above is a brief introduction to the advantages of shockproof paper tray packaging by the paper tray manufacturer Baihua Paper Products. If you need to know more, you can pay attention to our website. Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is made of white foam plastic EPS. An ideal substitute, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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