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What are the main characteristics of paper-plastic paper tray products?

2021-11-08 14:31:06

With the continuous development of the packaging industry, paper tray manufacturers have become more and more popular, because these paper tray products help companies solve many problems. my country's paper tray industry has gone through different stages of development, and now it has established a considerable production scale and has become an important part of the domestic manufacturing field. So what are the main characteristics of paper-plastic paper tray products? Next, Baihua Paper Products will introduce to you.

What are the main characteristics of paper-plastic paper tray products:

1. The raw material of the paper-plastic paper tray is waste paper, which is easy to recycle and will not pollute the environment, which is conducive to the export of consumer products; the raw material of EPS is petroleum by-products, which is difficult to degrade and has low recycling value, which causes serious "whiteness" to the environment. Pollution".

2. The application range of paper trays is universal. With the advancement of paper technology, the foam lining of small and medium-sized industrial products can basically be replaced by paper.3. The paper rack can be stacked for storage, saving 1/2~2/5 of the storage space than EPS products, which can greatly reduce transportation and storage costs.

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4. Anti-corrosion performance: When foods (such as fruits, etc.) are packaged and stored together with plastic products, water will be released. The water will not volatilize. The paper products that are easy to mold and rot the food have good air permeability, and the water will also volatilize to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.

The above content is an introduction to the main characteristics of paper-plastic paper tray products. Paper-plastic paper tray products can contain and protect the packaged products, which is convenient and practical. Heshan Baihua Paper Products is a paper tray manufacturer focusing on the environmental protection paper tray industry. The company produces pulp molded packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical care products packaging, and food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and cheap. It is made of white foam plastic EPS. An ideal substitute, it has the advantage of high temperature resistance compared with PLA products.

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