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What are the classifications of paper trays?

2022-04-19 10:55:46

Paper tray, also known as pulp molding, is made of carton leftovers, newsprint, white pure wood pulp, etc., and is pulped and prepared into a certain proportion of consistency. Adsorption molding, post-drying to form environmentally friendly paper products of different types and uses.

Paper trays can be divided into four categories: industrial paper trays, agricultural paper trays, food trays and medical products.

1. Industrial paper tray: mainly used in the lining packaging of large and small household appliances, mechanical accessories, electronic products, and lighting.

2. Agricultural paper trays: mainly used for fruits, eggs and agricultural nutrition bowls.

3. Food paper: mainly used in food bowls, pots, supermarket food trays.

4. Medical products: Disposable medical products mainly used in hospitals and battlefields, such as paper urinals, paper bedpans, etc. Compared with plastic and stainless steel products, it can be broken down into paper fibers at one time and discharged into the hospital sewage system, which can avoid cross-bacteria contamination as much as possible.

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The above is about the classification of paper trays, I hope to help you understand.Heshan Baihua Paper Products Co., Ltd. focuses on the environmental protection paper tray industry, and produces pulp molding packaging paper trays, industrial packaging, medical supplies packaging, food packaging. It is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It is an ideal substitute for white foam EPS. Relatively PLA products also have the advantage of high temperature resistance. Welcome to consult.

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