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Development advantages of pulp molding

2022-05-09 15:23:24

What are the advantages of the development of pulp molding? Today, the editor of paper tray packaging Baihua paper products will come to chat with you.

1. Policy advantages

Policy is a very big advantage of project development. Whether it is the release and implementation of domestic and foreign plastic bans and plastic restrictions, it provides a broad market space for the development of industrial globalization, forming a market pattern of worry-free production and insufficient sales; The government's development and reform, agriculture, science and technology, finance and other departments have encouraged and supported the industry, which has laid a solid foundation for the rapid expansion of the industry; in addition, the promulgation of the 14th Five-Year Plan in China has clearly defined the comprehensive utilization of straw and the ban on plastics and plastics. It is included in the five key projects and six key actions, which provides a favorable and reliable policy guarantee for the development of the project!

2. Raw material advantage

The raw materials required for pulp molding are obtained from nearby materials, such as reed, straw, cotton stalk, corn, sugar cane, bamboo, wheat, palm, etc., which can be used as raw materials for pulp molding. The materials are simple and the cost is low. At the same time, the utilization of straw is conducive to solving the safety and environmental problems caused by incineration, and the reuse of straw resources can generate income for farmers, killing two birds with one stone!

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3. Environmental advantages

The significance of environmental protection not only refers to no pollution, but also to save resources, especially the use of non-renewable resources, which has always been a topic of discussion in the international community. Straw fiber products use renewable straw resources as raw materials. Wheat, corn, rice, reed, cotton, sugarcane, bamboo and other straws are very good raw materials. Such raw materials are born in nature and then degrade naturally. Returning to nature is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, so pulp molded products are really environmentally friendly containers from nature!

There is no waste water in the production process of straw fiber, and it will not cause pollution. The substances produced in the process of residue precipitation can be used as organic fertilizers to promote the growth of crops after processing, and give back to the growth of crops. The waste scraps in the production process of straw pulp molding products can also be used to feed pigs, sheep, fish and other animals after being crushed. There is no waste in the production process, and the straw can be fully utilized. Circular development.

4. Location advantage

China has a vast territory with a latitude of nearly 50 degrees from north to south. The climate is diverse and suitable for the growth of crops. For example, wheat, corn, rice, reed, and cotton are suitable for growth in temperate monsoon climate and temperate continental climate. Sugarcane and bamboo are suitable for subtropical and tropical growth. The monsoon climate grows, which provides a large amount of straw for the north and south, and reduces the cost for the procurement and transportation of raw materials.

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