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Compared with plastic products, what are the advantages of environmentally friendly paper trays?

2022-05-09 15:25:21

In recent years, we have begun to pay more attention to environmental protection. The use of takeaway cartons for takeaways, the use of paper cups for beverages, and the use of environmentally friendly bags are the beginning of our environmental protection, because we know that environmental pollution will affect our lives, so let’s take an analogy of the three major packaging materials One of the plastic products, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, is the "white pollution" that everyone hates. The waste disposal of these polystyrene foam packaging brings serious pollution to the environment. Burning it would destroy the Earth's atmospheric ozone layer; burying it would damage the geological structure because it cannot corrode. These foam waste products have caused great damage to the global environment. Therefore, the editor suggests that we can switch to degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials to eliminate "white pollution" and improve people's living environment, starting from bit by bit.

From a small point of view, you can use a lot of paper trays. Different types of paper trays have different characteristics and scope of application. Among them, environmentally friendly paper trays are very popular nowadays, because they are more in line with my country's policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, so they are very popular among enterprises. So, in addition to this, the editor of paper tray packaging Baihua paper products tells you the characteristics and advantages of environmentally friendly paper trays.

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The raw material of environmentally friendly paper holder is plant slurry, which is green and environmentally friendly.

There are many applications for environmentally friendly paper trays. With the continuous progress of pulp molding technology, the products that use styrofoam, EVA, blister, and cardboard as lining packaging can basically be replaced by paper trays.

The anti-static, anti-corrosion, and shock-proof performance of environmentally friendly paper support is better than that of styrofoam, EVA, and blister. The product is the cushioning property formed by the mechanical structure of its geometric shape and the material itself.

Environmental protection paper trays can be added with various auxiliary additives such as strengthening agents, flexibility agents, water repellents, oil repellants, and flame retardants according to the requirements of different packaged products to achieve various functions. What a single physical property such as cardboard cannot do.

Environmentally friendly paper trays can be stacked, which greatly reduces storage and freight costs.

The environmental protection paper tray has better cushioning performance than other packaging materials of the same cost.

The environmental protection paper holder has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

The environmentally friendly paper holder has good anti-static performance, and the paper holder is completely degradable and easy to recycle.

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