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Why Pulp Molded Products Are Green Packaging Materials?

2022-05-24 15:01:19

Why are pulp molded products said to be green packaging materials? Today, the environmental protection paper support company will tell you.

The processing methods of raw materials and production process wastes for pulp molding products are full of "green". The raw material for the production of pulp molding products is paper fiber, and most of the products are waste paper. Waste utilization not only reduces resource consumption, reduces environmental pollution, but also greatly reduces costs. The raw materials for pulp molding products are "green". .

The process of producing pulp molded products is to make waste paper into pulp with a hydraulic pulper, and then mold it through vacuum adsorption on a special-shaped mold (a mold similar to the shape of the package), and then transfer, demold, and bake. Drying and other processes, and some need to be properly shaped, that is, special packaging pads.

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In the whole production process, most of them are physical processes. Even if a little strengthening agent and waterproofing agent need to be added, it will not affect the health of the operators and the environment. The water used in the production process has two ways, one part is evaporated by drying, and the other part can be recycled. Therefore, its production process is also "green".

There are also three ways to deal with the waste after the pulp molded products are packaged. Generally speaking, there are three ways. One is to recycle and reuse paper or continue to make pulp molded products; the other is to degrade naturally, as fertilizer to increase soil organic matter. ; The third is that it can be burned in the case of emergency treatment without producing toxic gas. Therefore, the waste of pulp molding products is also "green".

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