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The development trend of paper tray packaging

2022-06-22 15:14:16

Now, environmental protection is the responsibility of everyone in the world. More and more manufacturers are using paper trays as the outer packaging of their products. Let's talk about what paper trays are and what their primary uses are.

Paper holder is a leftover material of carton, newsprint may be white pure wood pulp as the raw material of the product, and then it is formed on a mold with a certain size by using vacuum adsorption technology, and then dried and processed to form various types of paper holder products. .

The paper tray has many advantages such as anti-vibration, anti-strike, anti-static damage, anti-chemical erosion, etc. The key is that our paper tray will not be polluted, which is conducive to the manufacturer's foreign trade export, so the paper tray is It is widely used in the export packaging process of various industries.

In our daily work, each product must be carefully inspected before leaving the factory, and environmental protection is also everyone's responsibility, so the paper tray market has a bright future.

Baihua Paper Products Factory

Regarding paper tray packaging, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar, and we often see it in our daily life. Let's investigate what functions the paper tray packaging product has.

The first is the superior buffer function, such as can effectively protect the products inside the paper tray from being damaged by the impact of the outside world.

The second is the excellent waterproof and moisture-proof function. When the product is placed in the open air or in a closed space for a long time, it is protected from the wind and the sun, so the paper tray packaging can play a good role in maintenance.

Then there is the good anti-static function. For these electronic items, static electricity is the primary cause of product damage. Therefore, for these electronic items, there is a layer of paper tray packaging on the outside, which can well block electrical radiation. .

Paper tray packaging can be completely degraded, which is conducive to recycling. Because the country is currently vigorously advocating the concept of environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction, for paper trays, its superior waste recycling function will be generally recognized by the market, and the market prospect is very optimistic.

The above is the editor of Baihua Paper Products Factory to share with you the development trend of paper trays. For more details, please call our company.

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