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Take-out milk tea cup holder

2021-03-23 14:32:30
Take-out milk tea cup holder

Product Information:

Product name: Food packaging paper tray

Material: carton leftovers, A4 white paper edges, raw wood pulp

Size: customizable size

Color: customizable color

Process technology: dry pressing process

Applications: coffee shops, milk tea shops, etc.


●Pulp cup holders are mostly used in coffee shops, milk tea shops, beverage shops, etc., using environmentally friendly materials, no pollution.

●Made of environmentally friendly materials, original wood and thick paper texture, can be recycled without polluting the environment.

●Clean and sanitary, no insects, no need for fumigation and disinfection, in line with market requirements.

●Thick pulp cup holder, groove model, thickened shape.

●Pressure and shockproof, the stable production of regular triangle can block the cup body and stabilize the cup.

●Length, width, and height can be customized arbitrarily, and products can be superimposed, which greatly reduces storage and freight costs.

●Paper concave-convex mold making, easy to take, suitable for take-out packaging, saving folding time, convenient and efficient.

Paper tray factory pulp cup holder cup holder can be used for catering, takeaway packaging, milk tea cafes, picnics and other packaging.

●Design the structure of the cup holder packaging in the form of the product, and put it in the handbag to prevent leakage.

Take-out milk tea cup holder

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Cup holder

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