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Industrial paper tray

2021-03-23 14:08:33
Industrial paper tray

Product Information:

Product Name: Industrial Paper Tray

Material: carton leftovers, A4 white paper edges, raw wood pulp

Size: customizable size

Color: yellow, white, black

Process technology: dry pressing process

Applications: Industrial paper trays, packaging paper trays, etc.


●Environmental protection, completely recyclable.

●Clean and hygienic, no insects, no need for fumigation and disinfection, in line with market requirements.

●Flat and curved surfaces can be trimmed, zero edge, double-sided light.

●Flat and smooth, no debris and nails that may damage the goods, and protect the packaging of the load to a greater extent.

●Length, width, and height can be customized arbitrarily, and products can be superimposed, which greatly reduces storage and freight costs.

●Industrial paper support has good waterproof, shockproof and drop-proof performance.

●It can be used for packaging of catering, electronic and electrical products, glass ceramics, daily necessities, cosmetics and other products.

●Design the structure of the paper tray packaging in the form of the product, which can be used as an inner tray or directly used as an outer box.

Industrial Paper Tray

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